Outdoor Surveillance Cameras and Outdoor Party Bloopers

It’s still freezing outdoors but you’re already dreaming of your summer garden wedding. You have installed your outdoor surveillance cameras to boost your wedding videos and you can’t wait to catch all the fun but more than recording the merry-making your cameras can alert you to impending disasters.

The lighter side of those outdoor surveillance cameras

Fortunately, it’s not always about illegal break-ins that your outdoor surveillance cameras are going to record. You’ve seen those usual everyday things; you have spotted the faithful postman delivering snail mail to your mailbox and the neighbor’s mongrel peeing on your perfectly manicured lawn. Sometimes, when the cameras detect some motion you rush to the PC screen only to see that crazy dog again, peeing on your rose bush.

These scenes are nothing out of the ordinary. Wait until your garden wedding. You’ll be seeing something else and lots of it. Here are the common party bloopers that are likely to be witnessed by your outdoor surveillance cameras:

A wedding cake disaster. When all eyes are on the bride and the groom, nobody’s watching the crazy dog dragging the lacy tablecloth off the fancy laid table and the fabulous wedding cake with it. It will be too late to save the cake. Now that you know this may happen, have someone keep an eye on the CCTV monitor and instruct the caterer to have someone keep an eye on that crazy dog.

Bridesmaid dramas. There’s no telling when bridesmaids get their act up. Even if they’re not making the drama obvious, the outdoor surveillance cameras will catch them gossiping and making faces. If someone scoots over to tell you something nasty is going on with your bridesmaids, call their attention away from the trouble. Request those good-looking stalwarts to dance with each of the belle and to keep them company.

Flower girl tantrums. This may or may not happen to your. But if it does, it will be all over the monitors. The only thing good about this? You can show tape to the little girl after the wedding and enjoy your just rewards.

Sloshed best man. With all the booze the night before, the best man is still trying to recover his bearings. If you don’t watch out, he might be puking all over the place. The moment those outdoor security cameras catch him snoozing have someone take the poor fellow to a room where he can snore happily away. Reserve that recriminations for later.

Exploding glass bowls. Floating candles and the punch can create fireworks. If caught on security cameras this could be your favorite topic for years to come. The pyrotechnics can be scary, so have someone watch your centerpiece.

Gate crashers. You cannot avoid them, but you can be sure they were not invited. When you go over the recording and the guest list, they sure weren’t invited. Instead of marching them off, let someone give them a drink and some hors d oeuvres. Be the gracious hostess. You don’t want to catch yourself on video – a screaming virago. Not a good memory from your garden wedding, huh?

These are just a few of the wedding party bloopers that might be captured by your outdoor security cameras if you are not careful. So plan and arm the army against these disasters.

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